Thursday, 11 November 2010

Perfect Plum!

Hey girlies,

Just a quick little post to show off my plum painted talons courtesy of Glamour magazine and Nails Inc.

I chose the 'Saville Row' polish as it will pair perfectly with a multitude of outfits and shades.

The application was easy, two coats provided the perfect coverage and the polish itself wasn't gloopy and thick like some polishes I have used. I would definitely recommend Nails Inc to others, and already have 'All That Glitters' on my Christmas wishlist...



  1. Glamour do some awesome freebies. The Benefit ones were unbelievable! xx

  2. They're fab aren't they, definitely worth the £2 - wish other magazines were as generous!! xx

  3. I bough Glamour for the exact same reason!lol x

  4. It's gorgeous isn't it, totally adore the shades in the set! xx