Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Plush In Primark

Hey dolls,

I just wanted to share with you one of my passions: sexy lingerie!! I believe every woman deserves that little luxury in life.

Whilst I'm quite small, just 5 foot tall I love to embrace my curves, 32E, 28" waist and 38" hips.

Well fitting lingerie can be a woman's best friend!! With my back size being a teeny 32", my cup size is difficult to cater for in regular stores and previously I've had ill fitting bra's that you overspill out of - never a good look. But, I have found certain styles of bra's I can fit a 34DD which means more choice for sexy lingerie woohoo.

Why should us women pay over the top prices though?? I have paid in excess of £28 per bra for a 32E cup before which is extortionate.

Boudouir Balcony Bra & Thong set
Bra: £6
Thong: £2.50

Perfect Shaping Bra £6 - how stunning is the lace and bows?

Flirty Plunge Bra: £6

... & Thong: £2.50

What are your fav places for lingerie? Have you tried out Primark's range yet?


Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kim Kardashian Looks Demure in Workwear

My favourite celeb Kim K was out in force again in her new home New York City sporting a totally different sophisticated look... and I love it!! Teaming wide-leg high-waisted trousers with silky blouses and 'that' Hermes bag, she looked a million dollars. This has given me some serious wardrobe inspiration.

What do you think of her gorgeous look?


Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Botox In A Bottle

Hey dolls,

Freezeframe Serum is the latest next big thing when it comes to anti-wrinkle prevention. With already 14,000 on the waiting list this is set to fly off the shelves. The serum costs £49.99 for 10ml which some may say is a small price to pay for botox effects without the pain of surgery.

Its creators say the treatment uses muscle-relaxing ingredients to make wrinkles vanish in as little as 5 minutes. It also contains a protein called 'Snap-8' which stops nerve sells producing chemicals that signal muscles to contract. The third ingredient Inhibox is newly being used as is contains amino acids to repair aging skin cells, leaving a tightening feeling as it takes effect.

It is in stock now in Boots & is also available on their website.

You can collect 196 advantage card points with your purchase!!

What are your thoughts on this product, will you be trying it out?


Sunday, 18 September 2011

Have you got Unique Couture?

Hey girls,

So... today one of my tweethearts introduced me to 'Unique Couture' a fabulous company who hand craft your jute bags... how cute?!?

Children's jute bag prices range from £10-£15. Adult jute bag prices start at £20-£25 depending on how many diamantes, bows, glitter & feathers you want, but surely the more the merrier right?! Just check how amazing these designs are...

So... be a trend-setter & go grab yours today.

Unique Couture's fabulously talented designer is the lovely Holly:

Find Unique couture at:


Kim Kardashian's Wedding Pics

Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Dash Family Affair

So as you all know this week is one of the hottest week's in the fashion world, yes ladies it's NYFW!!

Out in support of their step-brother's girlfriend Avril Lavigne was Kim, Kourtney, Kendall & Kylie who all attended Brody Jenner's other half's Abbey Down fashion show. Avril even let Kylie work the catwalk showcasing some of next year's spring/summer pieces.

I have to say I'm loving Kourtney's ensemble... it's so chic!!

Sunday, 4 September 2011

Hair today, Gone tomorrow...

Hey bloggeristas,

Some of you may know I recently had a sewn in weave. I purchased the Remy Hair @ Afro Beauty in Longsight and bought 2 x 14" P16/613 packets of hair for £24.99 and 1 x 18" P16/613 for £34.99 and had the hair sewn in at Soft Touch Afro Hair Salon in Gorton which cost £70. Totalling a whopping £154.97!!

The colour is mixed blonde with dark blonde streaks.

The process which involves having your own hair cornrowed to your head and the extensions sewn on to the cornrows was a lengthy process taking a total of 4hrs, and only lasted 3 days!!

I had a curly synthetic weave sewn in last year which took just under 2hrs so didn't expect the length of time it took to have it sewn in a second time. The curly synthetic weave lasted around 7 days before I took it out after experiencing irritation.

My opinion of weave varies. I have seen people with AMAZING weave & ATROCIOUS weave... sadly mine was the latter.

Weave became popular among Afro-Caribbean women as a way of switching up their hairstyles and many Afro-Caribbean hairdressers specialise in weaves. Slowly this trend passed through and now it is a popular way of adding length and volume to your natural hair. Two celebs in particular who are constantly changing their style with their weave/lace front wigs are Rihanna and Beyonce.

As my hair was fairly short I had synthetic hair attached and braided into the cornrows - the cornrows were in the same as style as Beyonce, however my stylist braided a piece of hair in an alice band across the front of my forehead from ear to ear and sewed hair on to there too.

My personal opinion on synthetic hair is if you have European hair it will undoubtedly cause irritation. Human hair is the best type of hair for weave.

Although you probably can't tell from the photos the weave was not natural around the hairline, it covered a mass of forehead which became very uncomfortable and it was sewn so close to the hairline at the back of my ears that it was actually pushing on my ears which caused a LOT of discomfort thus putting a lot of pressure on the cornrows and the hair follicle. I ended up with a lot of irritation in particular around my forehead, it appeared red & blotchy and caused dryness too. I was left unable to tie my hair back properly & wear a headband. Plus several people made mean comments saying it 'looked like a wig'.

I absolutely loved having Kardashian length hair that was a lovely colour blonde but for me it wasn't enough to keep the weave in.

*Meet the stunning Maria*

*My cousin Heather - also a weave fan*

Several of my friends have different styles of weaves that look natural around the hairline and it looks amazing... jealous!!

I would LOVE to be able to wear weave... and it's left me with the only option of having extortionately expensive hair extensions at a salon or the regular clip ins. I'm not sure if it was just a bad salon, or I'm one of those people who aren't suited to it.

Some of my favourite hair sites are:

Black Hair Spray
Paul's Hair World
Pak Cosmetics

** One of my pet peeve's though is they never state what colour weave the model is wearing which makes it hard if you're wanting to achieve a particular look so I would recommend where possible trying to visit your local hair shop **

Have you tried weave, what are your thoughts?? Yay or Nay?


Happy 30th Birthday Beyonce

Beyonce turns the big 3-0 today!!

I'm sure you'd like to join me in wishing the fabulous Queen B a very Happy Birthday. If like me you grew up in the 90s when Destiny's Child emerged, you'll know what a phenomenal woman Beyonce is.

Beyonce Giselle Knowles was born on September 4, 1981 in Houston, Texas. She began performing at the age of 8 and formed a rap/dance group with fellow Destiny's Child member Kelly Rowland. Bursting on to the music scene in 1999 with hits such as 'Bills, Bills, Bills', 'Say My Name' and 'Jumpin, Jumpin', Beyonce fast became a household name.

Move on a few years to 2002, Beyonce duetted with Jay-Z on 'Bonnie & Clyde' and her debut album 'Dangerously In Love' soon followed. Now a multi-award winning Grammy singer, model, fashion designer, perfumier, wife and mommy-to-be she has plenty of accolades to her name least to mention her invitation to perform at Barack Obama's inauguration ball.

What an AMAZING woman she is.

I have total hair envy where Beyonce is concerned, she always looks uber-fabulous!!


'COCO' leaves little to the imagination in a killer dress!!

ICE-T's infamous voluptuous wife Nicole 'COCO' Austin left little to the imagination as she hit the Hard Rock Hotel in Vegas w hubby ICE as they hit the red carpet before hosting a party at the Vanity Night Club.

If you are a follower of mine on Twitter you will know I adore Coco, she's such a sweetheart!! I totally admire her workout ethic and most of us would do anything to have a curvaceous body like hers.

I also think her matching bag is kinda cute.

XOXO dolls!!

My Holiday Wardrobe

Hey dolls

Hope everyone's having a fun Labor Day weekend!!

This is my holiday wardrobe, as some of you may know I'm headed to New York City again on Wednesday & literally cannot wait. I'm super excited to be going back to see my boyfriend.

When planning a holiday, I always think your wardrobe is just as important as planning where you want to go; however occasionally I do feel overdressed so have attempted to tone down my attire for this trip...

*clicky to make bigger*
Mini Skirt (New Look) as seen on Lipgloss & Leopard Print
Beaded Top (Miss Selfridges) as seen on Lipgloss & Leopard Print
Grey Beaded Top (H&M) ... to be worn w black leggings
Grey Printed Top (Primark) ... to be worn w black leggings

Beige Studded Top (Primark) ... to be worn w black leggings
Rose One Shoulder Dress (BooHoo)
Printed Maxi Dress (MissGuided 2010 clearance sale)

What are your key pieces when packing for your holiday?!?