Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Botox In A Bottle

Hey dolls,

Freezeframe Serum is the latest next big thing when it comes to anti-wrinkle prevention. With already 14,000 on the waiting list this is set to fly off the shelves. The serum costs £49.99 for 10ml which some may say is a small price to pay for botox effects without the pain of surgery.

Its creators say the treatment uses muscle-relaxing ingredients to make wrinkles vanish in as little as 5 minutes. It also contains a protein called 'Snap-8' which stops nerve sells producing chemicals that signal muscles to contract. The third ingredient Inhibox is newly being used as is contains amino acids to repair aging skin cells, leaving a tightening feeling as it takes effect.

It is in stock now in Boots & is also available on their website.

You can collect 196 advantage card points with your purchase!!

What are your thoughts on this product, will you be trying it out?


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