Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Calavera Cocktail


I love Halloween, and especially the limited edition bath ballistics from LUSH. This year Calavera caught my eye...

Isn't it pretty?

It smelt really fresh and citrussy which is a nice change because I usually opt for the sweet scented products.

When I dropped Calavera into the bath it started to fizz immediately and produced this beautiful rainbow hue of froth across my bath...

isn't it beautiful??

Calaveras (skulls, in Spanish) are an iconic image for Day of the Dead celebrations. Day of the Dead is a Mexican tradition that honors and respects the dead.

Packed in to this bath ballistic is a heap full of Marigold Petals. In Mexican culture, marigolds are sometimes called "flower of the dead".

Calavera also contains plenty of citric acid, lime oil and neroli oil which combines perfectly to create the perfect cirtrus bath cocktail that looks as tropical as a rainforest.

What Halloween products did you love?



  1. I oblige lush to open a shop in my city now!!!!
    This looks so good!!


  2. Lush are fabulous, it's a shame this is limited edition it's really nice :] have you tried Mels Sweet Bar yet - she ships worldwide xx

  3. wow that's pretty intense! I've never really tried Lush products because the slightly scary overpowering scent from the shop scares me off a bit haha but everyone seems to love it and this looks fun so I'll have to try it out :) xx

  4. You gotta love Lush! <3 I like their cream soaps the most! The aroma of that store lures me in every time! :)

  5. Wow!