Monday, 7 March 2011

Maintain that Mani!

We all love a good mani/pedi but have you ever noticed after just one day there's a little chip? Yes... follow these fabulous tips to maintain that mani!!

* Keep nail polish in the bottle away from heat - it changes the consistency so it won't stick well.

* Before you start, make sure nails are completely clean and dry. Clean with soap on an old toothbrush, dry, then give them a quick swipe with nail polish remover. Don't soak your fingertips - salons do this to make you feel pampered but the moisture expands nails and, when they dry out, the movement helps cause cracks and chips.

* Don't skip the base coat, it's not just a clear polish, but is specially formulated to give your varnish a surface to grip on to.

* Apply two or three thin coats of polish, allowing each two minutes to dry.

* Finish with top coat for extra protection, If you can, add another layer of top coat each day.

* Apply base, polish and top coat along the edge of each nail that you file. Be careful not to go on to the underside of your nail. Coating the edges protects the most vulnerable part of your nail and can double the life of your manicure.

Enjoy longer lasting pretty manicures forever more...



  1. Great tips, thanks! I like to add another layer of top coat each day, it really helps the manicure last longer! x

  2. these are some awesome tips! i'm hoping they will make my next manicure last! :)

    great blog, by the way!

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