Thursday, 12 August 2010

Xen Tan review

Hello poppets...

Alas my long awaited Xen Tan review is finally here, as some of you may know I did order these products a while ago but was scammed by So Special *sad face*, however I have since re-purchased these and can now offer my two pence about my Xen Tan experience.

So, after little consideration I decided the ‘Dark Lotion’ range was the one for me; a self-confessed tanning junkie - this was sure to be my no1 choice. Having seen many a blog review about these bad boys I was more than ready to become a bronzed-babe.

The products I purchased were Xen Tan dark lotion, Xen Tan face tanner luxe, and of course the body scrub. I bought the dark lotion and body scrub as a package on eBay for £29.95 and was très impressed with the discount!
Along with my Xen Tan trio I also used Avon’s Natural almond & milk body lotion (99p).

The key to a long wearing summer tan is hydration and moisture, with these little beauties containing emollients and oils that are very hydrating and moisturising you will get a very long lasting tan.

My method for application was:


moisturise body and face

dark lotion

face tanner luxe

Those lovelies at Xen Tan recommend the Dark Lotion as a weekly self-tan however I succumbed to this Marzipan marvel and applied it for 3 consecutive days to build up the tan. The Luxe face tanner has now become a part of my evening skin care ritual and is now my new BFF taking pride and place on my bedside table.

Product #1 – Xen Tan dark lotion

I absolutely love the Dark Tan lotion, having used St Tropez lotion in the past I felt comfortable enough to dive in at the deep end and apply this rich brown lotion to my fair skin. The lotion was much thicker than St Tropez which was a surprise but I definitely found it was a benefit as it helped the product to spread evenly without streaks and also meant I used less product. I used disposable polythene gloves for application instead of using a mitt and rubbed the lotion in using small circular motions (I find by using a mitt it actually absorbs more product than your skin does). Polythene gloves are also much better than latex gloves as they’re
a) cheaper
b) easier to apply tan with
c) don’t soak up any of the product

The colour was instant and gradually developed more in the hours that followed.

Product #2 – Face Tanner Luxe

The second I popped open this tiny treasure it was love at first sniff – it smells divine just like a vanilla pod!!
Xen Tan have amazed me so much, they have made self-tanning a pleasant experience with their scrumptious scented products.

I have never used a separate face tanner before and have always just used the same lotion as what I applied to my body so I thought this might be a bit of trial and error...

At first I was uber sceptical about this product as it was olive coloured, and I wondered how tanned my face would actually be. I quickly referred back to Milly’s blog as I am completely in love with her tan, Milly uses it as part of her evening facial routine – so that’s exactly what I did!
Another surprise for me was the consistency of this tan as I was expecting it to be similar to the lotion, however on application it had more of a gel/serum texture. My face felt like a babies bottom afterwards and there was no trace of a sticky residue. The colour developed overnight and I washed it off the following morning.

This is the product blurb from Xen Tan:
‘In response to the growing demand for nourishing facial tanners, we've developed FACE TANNER LUXE. New and advanced FACE TANNER LUXE delivers an instant olive colour for a healthy glow in seconds, whilst its skin-loving formula nourishes your skin. FACE TANNER LUXE builds an intense olive tan with an extra boost of active tanning ingredient DHA, providing the ultimate natural-looking deep tan. With Vitamin E, Ginkgo Biloba, Shea butter and anti-oxidants, its gentle moisturising formula is ideal for everyday use.’

Product #3 – Body scrub

This scrub is amazing, although it is a little pricey I would re-purchase. For me a good body scrub has to be ‘grainy ‘and really make it feel as though I’ve shed a layer of dead skin when I step out of the shower, gross I know! Perhaps it was the minty freshness of this scrub that added to the feeling of being super fresh and clean but the beads are great at getting rid of dead skin without being too abrasive. I used an exfoliating glove with about 2 pumps each approx the size of a 10p piece, this was enough for my entire body. For my face I used my Neutrogena daily exfoliating wash as featured in my skin care post.

Xen Tan step 1, 2 & 3...


Exhibit A:

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  1. Hey sweety!
    Excellent review!
    Thanks for telling me about it via Twitter.
    I think you look really pretty after the Xen Tan application.
    I consider my fave product would be the Dark Lotion.
    Would you recommend it for an oily skin?

  2. Aww thanks for your comment hun :) it's really good, my skin is oily/combination (a bit more oily around the T-Zone) and it works well. After application your face looks slighly shiny but that's ok because you're asleep hehe. When you wake up and wash your face it looks matte & sunkissed xx

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