Sunday, 22 August 2010

Nailene goodies

Hey guys,

Hope you're all winding down from the weekend and having a relaxing Sunday evening.

Just thought I'd give you a bit of an update on my latest obsession... Nailene falsies!!

As I was off for a family soiree to celebrate my recent birthday I decided to hotfoot it down to Boots to preen my nails before hand.

Here's a peek at the goodies I picked up:

Nailene So Natural falsies in 71000 and Nailene Super Glue 77056

So... for under £10 I now have the perfect manicure!

Although I have read lots of reviews on the internet about the Nailene Super Glue not having the lasting power it states, I beg to differ (this is my 2nd bottle). I've truly put my nails to the test this weekend from doing household chores to fiddly tasks like the car boot - not a single nail has budged out of place! The only down side for me is the bubbles that have appeared under my nails which I think is a result of using too little glue?!

I'm really pleased with the outcome - they only took around 10 minutes to apply and DON'T damage the natural nail like Acrylic nails and Gel nails do.

The false nail market has become so popular in the last few years that there are literally hundreds of designs, lengths and shapes to choose from. I'm thrilled that people with 'petite' fingers like myself are now being catered for and are able to purchase nails that fit without having to file them down to size.

As I'm going to be heading to New York in a couple of weeks I'm definitely going to be on the lookout for more Nailene goodies especially the 7123o's as tried and tested by the lovely Milly - they look perfect for doing nail art designs. If you've seen them available in the UK please let me know where.

Thanks for reading



  1. super cute nails, and i love the butterfly belt in the previous post!

    i follow your blog now; feel free to check out my site and follow me too.

  2. Thanks hun, they're really durable..I'm impressed :)

    I've just subbed to your blog, it's super cute xx

  3. i love press on nails <3
    but i did a dumb thing ,, i used the normal super glue ,, the one that even glues ur fingers together if u touch it =( ,,
    and i had a hard time getting them off even after 2 weeks =( ,,
    i damaged my nails ,, lol
    but its great not a single nail fell =D

    btw thx for following me .. hugs xx

  4. I have to try Nailene! I saw them at Ralphs a while back. I'm just worried about damaging my nails.

    It looks great! <3