Sunday, 15 August 2010

Lush Haul

Hey darlings,

hope you are all having a relaxing Sunday and have enjoyed your weekends! Just thought I'd do a little post showing you some items I picked up at Lush when I went shopping yesterday...

Enjoy xoxo

From left to right: Heavenilli massage bar, The Comforter, Blooming Beautiful gift set, French Kiss, Bubblegum lip sugar scrub, Mrs Whipy, Dorothy and Ickle Baby Bot.

Grand total: £31.40

Item # 1 - Heavenilli massage bar
RRP £5.10/55g

Packed with vanilla absolute this little beauty is to die for!! Vanilla is one of my all time favourite scents, and to have a sensual massage after a long week in work is the perfect way to wind down. Heavenilli provides plenty of moisture and leaves skin feeling soft, smooth and scented with vanilla... this really is LUSH.

Item #2 - The Comforter bubble bar
RRP £3.95/200g

The Comforter really is berry-fantastic, you can't beat this bubble bar. This bubble bar is the epitome of my favourite concepts about Lush: pretty design, brightly coloured, sweetly scented and creates lots of bubbles. The Comforter is great value for money - it's huge. I usually break it in half if I want an extra bubbly bath but otherwise if I wan't fewer bubbles it'll last for 3-4 baths.

Item #3 Blooming Beautiful gift set
RRP £6.95

Blooming Beautiful is the PERFECT gift for the ultimate girly girl, and will be received with great happiness! Firstly the packaging, did I mention how freakin cute it is?! It's flower power to the max. Containing two of Lush's most popular bath items: Think Pink bath ballistic and Pop in The Bath bubble bar - this will not fail as a present. It's ideal if you want a cheap but thoughtful gift for a friend plus they'll also receive 10% off with the voucher inside the box. 2 for the price of 1, not bad eh?!

Item #4 - French Kiss bubble bar
RRP £3.85/100g

French Kiss smells A-MAZING!! It contains lavender absolute and thyme oil which create the perfect bathing ambience for sleepy heads. Pop this in your bath before you head to bed and I ensure you'll be guaranteed a great nights sleep. The sprig of lavender popping out of the top is so cute too and will look great in any bathroom.

Item #5 - Bubblegum lip scrub
RRP £4.50/25g

Hooray!! Lush has a product that is edible. After years of scents that smell good enough to eat - they have developed a product that we CAN actually eat hehe...

Alongside Bubblegum there are two other lip scrubs in the range: Sweet Lips and Mint Julips.

'Bubblegum' is the perfect pink - scented like the infamous Snow Fairy this scrub is liplicious! I'm a newbie to lip exfoliants but this product has totally converted me. I'm that impressed I'll definitely be purchasing the other two lip scrubs.

Exfoliating your lips is important because it removes dead skin and it helps to keep them kissably smooth (whilst also avoiding sore cracked lips) - after using Lush's lip scrubs you can lick away the sugariness then coat your lips with Vaseline for the perfect pout!

Item # 6 - Mrs Whippy bath ballistic
RRP £2.50/90g

As you all know I lurvee Mrs Whippy, and am delighted it's not just another limited edition product! Mrs Whippy is what I would consider to be one of my ultimate fave Lush products.

The only downfall with this is: it's a bath ballistic - whilst I love bath ballistics I just wish they created some bubbles. Bath time for me is all about bubbles (lol)! Apart from that the colour of the water is mulled grey/pink shade... I'd prefer it to be a bright pink but that's just personal preference.

The scent is amazing, just like strawberries and milk. I'm partial to a Mr Whippy on a hot summers day so why not add Mrs Whippy in to the mixture for a hot summers eve and a lovely relaxing soak?! I think Mrs Whippy's best asset is the pink crystals resembling raspberry syrup swirled over the top.

Item # 7 - Dorothy bubble bar
RRP £2.80/100g

For me this product is a huge let-down. I read the ingredients (ylang ylang, orange blossom absolute and sweet figs) and thought it would smell amazing but it really just didn't do anything for me. It smells chemical like, has anyone else noticed that? I like the bright colours and cute design though so I'm hoping when I use Dorothy in the bath it'll smell a bit better.

Item # 8 - Ickle Baby Bot bath ballistic
RRP £1.75/65g

Baby bot is adorable, and I'm sure many kids will agree he makes the perfect bath time buddy! Scented with lots of chamomile and lavender he is exactly what dreams are made of. He is definitely a great therapeutic ballistic.

Hannah xx

** Images accredited to Lush **


  1. great haul I bet you can't wait til bathtime! :D x

  2. Thanks sweetie, I definitely can't wait, think I went slightly mad in Lush lol xx

  3. just slightly? you went absolutely mad! nevertheless, I love everything you bought!and that Blooming Beautiful Gift Set is just marvellous!xx

  4. Hehe it's fabulous, I love their gift sets especially the Christmas ones x

  5. I love Lush Bath Bars! They're worth every penny!
    Boutique Bag Lady