Sunday, 12 June 2011

St Moriz Lotion: Review

Hey dolls,

Recently the lovely Aimee from Peppermint PR contacted me and asked if I would like to trial the fabulous long-awaited St Moriz lotion. Overjoyed I jumped at the chance and was thrown in a mitt and gorgeous light bronzer too.

St Moriz is the infamous drug store tanning brand available at Home Bargains, Quality Save, B&M Bargains, selected pharmacists and online retailers. RRP varies but is usually between £2.99-£5.00.

Introduced to the beauty world a couple of years ago by the lovely Laura anyone and everyone has raved about how good this product is. In it's original mousse and airbrush form you can choose from 'normal' or 'dark' for a deeper longer lasting tan.

As a tanning novice, mousse and airbrushing is something I struggle tremendously with but the lotion is super easy to use, it blends easily and dries a lot quicker than the mousse. I also found that it didn't stain my clothing whereas in the past the Moriz mousse has turned my bedsheets orange.

The lotion itself is fresh scented and doesn't leave a biscuit aroma - thankfully. It's a tinted lotion which is great because you can see exactly where you have applied it. I pumped out the lotion into the mitt and used circular motions blending well.

The bottle is 200ml and I just love the packaging, it's slimline and so elegant on my dressing table.

For hands and feet I applied a small pea sized amount and blended, using a scissor motion between fingers to ensure no dreaded white bits the next day.

The bronzer is just gorgeous it just adds a subtle shimmery glow when applied to the apples of cheeks and really enhances your tan.

And voila... what do we have? The perfect holiday tan without the worry of UV rays!!

Dress: HotMiamiStyles
Satin Rose Clutch: eBay
'Simone' Nude platforms: MissGuided
Feather earrings: Primark
Tan: St Moriz lotion
Nails: Barry M Peach Melba

Thanks for reading!!



  1. You looked SO stunning honey! Your dress is gorgeous! I actually used St. Moriz for the first time this weekend and completely fell in love! Oddly enough, I have to ask - What's the tanning mitt like? Mines about to fall to pieces (literally) and am in search of a new stable one haha xxx

  2. Oooh can not wait to get my hands on this! I love the mousse but it always leaves my skin feeling pretty dry afterwards. Would you say you get that with the lotion?
    Harriet xxx

  3. ooo i so wanna try this!!

    I am a total tan addict and you have sold it to me!! Loved all their other products so am sure i will love this !!

    you look fab btw xox

  4. Ooh I love St.Moriz so can't wait to try the lotion out! x

  5. Aww thanks for your lovely comments girlies. The tanning mitt is great for the lotion although I prefer using disposable latex gloves. With the mousse it completely soaked right through the mitt onto my hands but that didn't happen with the lotion. I tend to moisturise twice a day when fake tanning to try to avoid any dry bits too. The lotion is definitely worth buying if you can get your hands on it :) xoxo