Friday, 10 June 2011 Review

Hey loves,

Recently I decided I wanted to try out Contact Lenses for the first time, so after having tried them at my local opticians (with great difficulty) I scoured the internet looking for a cheaper deal.

Lo and behold I stumbled across Contact Lenses - a UK based firm which offers a vast array of different lenses from dailies to monthlies and 2 weekly lenses which is what I opted for.

There is the opportunity to make a single purhcase or multi-buy which is great if you want to buy in bulk and get a discount. Your lenses are tailored to your prescription and are a cut of the price you'll pay at your opticians.

I bought 3 months supply of 2 weekly lenses plus 1 months supply of cleaning solution for just £41.00 including free delivery - that's saving approximately £37 each quarter!!

From ordering to delivery I was kept informed every step of the way and am truly impressed with the service received, my order was well packaged and delivered the next working day... Now if I can just grasp putting the lenses welcome dolls!

Have a fabulous weekend



  1. I love my contacts they do take a bit of practise but you get use to it.
    I balance mine on my pointer finger (making sure its a little moist with solution first so it doesnt stick) and then with my other hand i hold my top lashes open with one finger and then with with hand that my contact lense is on i pull the bottom lash open pop the lense on to my eye and then with my little finger i sort of push it on to my eye to make sure it sticks on there.

    I bet that made no sense at all did it? lol x

  2. It did thanks hunny, my right eye is usually quite easy but my left eye twitches so it takes double the length of time lol. Practice makes perfect though so I shall be persistant :) x