Thursday, 29 July 2010

Tanning tales...

Hey dolls...

Hope you're all having a fabulous Thursday and getting ready for the weekend!!

It has always been my dream to achieve the perfect tan, because I like many others buy in to the thought that 'people look healthier with a tan' - I certainly do.

My tanning idols:

Kim Kardashian

Lauren Conrad

... how sunkissed and gorgeous do they both look?

On my quest to achieve the perfect tan I tried two methods, real vs fake and I believe both have pro's and cons. Without further ado I bring to you my tanning tales!


I really enjoyed using St Tropez, and purchased the huge mahoosive salon size lotion bottle (950ml) from eBay for around £56 - meaning I had endless supply of tan. I paired my St Tropez with the Nspa Vanilla creme brulee body scrub (available in most ASDA's). Although I was pleased with the results I found the process of tanning very long and wasn't too impressed with the biscuit-like smell. For application I used disposable latex gloves. The tan lasted for around 2-3 days before starting to fade evenly. For a deeper colour I would apply every 2 days and every night on the face as that's the area that fades quicker.

EXHIBIT 2: SERIAL SUNBEDDER and an overdose of MSF!

NOTE: I am not in any way whatsoever promoting the use of sunbeds!!

** If you want to use sunbeds, make sure you're over 16 years of age and always use a licensed salon not one of those coin operated salons. First and foremost be aware of the dangers of sunbed use. **

I absoloutely adore having a natural tan, and frequented the sunbeds 3 x a week for 6-9 minutes a time. Unfortunately, my local sunbed shop in Liverpool city centre is about ½ a mile away and after a long day at work, it's a lot of walking for my poor little tootsies! It does take time to build up a tan and you have to continue useage otherwise it will fade just like your holiday tan. The average sunbed shop charges £1 for 3 minutes - it may seem cheap but in comparison to fake tan it works out expensive. I always used a cream to help enhance the colour, again there are thousands available on eBay plus I used a moisturiser with tan enhancers.

In this photo I teamed my tan with MAC's Shimpagne MSF and warm soul blush for lots of shimmer and sparkle.

Toodles lovelies


P.S. I will be doing an Xen Tan Review within the next 2 weeks.

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