Sunday, 24 July 2011

Nailene Ultra Adhesive Tabs

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I was super excited to hear that my fave nail brand 'Nailene' had an alternative to using nail glue. They released their Ultra Adhesive Tabs which retail for approximately £2.99. I bought mine in Superdrug, but they are available in stores nationwide.

Each pack contains 24 water resistant tabs in a variety of sizes, and they are GUARANTEED to last 5 days!!

Upon purchasing these I was expecting them to be really good as Nailene have always been known for their quality products. However; I was slightly disappointed...

The sizes are really small (I have teeny fingers) but the tabs were even smaller than I expected so it didn't cover the entire surface of my nail - once I had applied the my false nails they felt slightly 'flexible' as if one sudden move could rip the nail off.

I will therefore be sticking to my trusty Nailene extra strength nail glue.

Have you tried this product yet, if so what are your thoughts?

In other news, I'd just like to pay tribute to the amazingly talented Amy Winehouse who tragically died yesterday... May God bless her. She was a style icon to many and loved for her infamous 'Back to Black' album which released hit after hit and saw her winning 5 Grammy Awards. Rest In Peace Amy.


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