Thursday, 28 April 2011


Hey chicks,

We all know once you have one tattoo you want another and so on...

Well I now have three pieces of art adorning my body and have found some inkspiration for my fourth piece of art.

M'aimer pour qui je suis - translates as 'love me for who I am'.

I really like the transcript as it has a deep and personal meaning to always be true to yourself. Choosing a tattoo for me is such a personal choice and it has to be something I've given total thought to and something what is meaningful.

What tattoo's do you have and do they have a specific meaning to you?


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  1. I like this quote and want to get it in a tattoo as well, but I'm wondering what the correct phrase should be. As written above it means "To love me for who I am." Aimer is the verb "to love." I've seen in other places that the correct for would be Either "m'aimes" or "aime-moi."