Friday, 31 December 2010

Pro Sun review

Hey dolls,

Here's my quick little review on the Pro Sun airbrush tanning system as I've been using it quite a bit lately and feel it's worth a mention!!

I bought this unit from eBay for £16.99 including postage, it came with:

  • Airbrush gun
  • 3 disposable 75ml cartridges
  • 2 disposbale hair protectors
  • 2 disposable thongs

The company states that one cartridge will last for 2 full body applications however I found that to be stretchng the truth a little, one cartridge lasts for one full body application. It is 'supposed' to have a fresh citrus scent but in my opinion it has the trademark biscuit tanning smell.

I was very impressed with the compact and simple easy to use design of this product, the cartridges slid in easy and didn't clog up the nozzle so no cleaning was required as with some other tanning solutions on the market. The two release buttons are a little difficult and it requires a little elbow grease to get the cartridge out. The tanning solution itself was slightly more watery than expected and resulted in some product waste.

*Tanning Tips*

I highly recommend you do this in the bathroom and it in for an even application.

Only squirt in small areas at a time as it does have a tendency to run.

Try spraying some tan into a glove and gently rub in evenly over hands and feet.

Remove all traces of unwanted hair 24 hours prior to tanning to avoid skin irritation.

Exfoliate and moisturise aplenty!

Overall the tan is really deep and lasts for a few days - it did really dry my skin out though and faded unevenly in a patchy 'giraffe' pattern, the tell tale signs were definitely in between the fingers.

If you're looking for an airbrush system but don't want to indulge in high end expensive products prior to trying it out then I would highly recommend this for you.

Thanks for reading and a Happy New Year to you all


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